The highest quality Steel Fabrication in Central Ohio for over 30 years

Structural Steel Fabrication

At Wayne Manufacturing, we take pride in meeting the design challenges of any new construction project. We are a full-service fabrication shop and can fabricate any product made from steel. We provide complete building packages, long-span trusses and miscellaneous steel and installation/erection. We can produce fabricated structural steel frames, columns, decks, trusses, industrial upgrades, and mezzanines. All structural steel products are precicely fabricated to meet the finest details of the specifications of our customers.

Stock metal products

Many steel construction items come in standard sizes that allow us to keep a large inventory of finished products. This allows us to offer very short lead times on many orders. We maintain a large inventory of fabricated metal products for commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural applications.

  • Our steel gratings with numerous designs and spanning capabilities provide safe and strong support for walkways, trench drains, and elevator floor systems.
  • Construction materials such as beams, angles, and channels are precision fabricated and stocked in our warehouse. Such products are fabricated to industrial standards and offer excellent support in new construciton projects.
  • We also stock metal pipes, tubes, plate, and bar stock of superior quality for high tensile strength.

Industrial Steel Applications

Wayne Manufacturing specializes in producing a large variety of industrial steel structures such as stairs, handrails and railings, as well as non-conventional industrial steel items such as elevator ladders, roof ladders, and ships' ladders.

Stair systems can be fabricated a number of ways including pay type (to be filled with concrete), grating tread, or deck plate tread.

  • Our American Welding Society (AWS)-certified welders are equipped to undertake welding of steel structures without any defects.
  • Our handrails and railings are made from the highest quality premium steel. Materials are available in different styles and patterns to support any architectural design challenge and meet all governing codes.
  • Our stairs and hand rails incorporate the highest levels of safety in design and construction, and offer consistent durability for many years.
Since 1959, Wanye Manufacturing has been one of the leading fabricators of structural steel in the greater Central Ohio area. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.